Manual height adjustable workshop table

Frame: Powder coated steel
Table size: Depth 800 mm / Width 1800 mm
Lifting power: 250 kg (distributed load)
Adjustable feet ∅50
Standards: ISO 2 1016, EN 527-1
Colour: Aluminium
Directives: 2006/95EC, UL 508:1999, UL 1004 R705:1994, WE DC 2004/108/WE
Base height: 740 mm
Minimum height: 640 mm
Maximum height: 860 mm
Height with profiles: 1505,5 mm
Height with lighting panel: 1820,50 mm
Weight: 57 kg (without accessories) / 106,5 kg (with all accessories)

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Workshop table is intended for packing, picking and other activities in both sitting and standing position. A solid metal structure of Workshop table allows for the load capacity of 250 kg, making it a great piece for wood and metalworking. The table can be complemented with various accessories such as rail for paper and containers, lighting panel, shelves, monitor holders or vertical profiles.

3D model

WTS02 with accessories

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